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Building the Next Big Autonomous Driving Technology! 

Welcome to Sally's homepage, BITS Pilani's Autonomous Vehicle Research Team.

As a team of motivated student researchers, we aim to disrupt the Indian Driving Scenario by building a fully autonomous driving system.

Our Research Lab - CRIS Lab, BITS Pilani


Team Members have collaborated with Microsoft Research, CMU, IISC Bangalore, IIIT-H, NTU, Harvard, Oxford, UIUC and more on cutting-edge research.

The team has previously been involved in building a prototype, Autonomous Ground Vehicles (AGVs), with autonomous capabilities.

One of these prototypes was demonstrated at DRDO Robotics & Unmanned Systems Exposition-2018, which won the first position with a cash prize of Rs. 60,000 and also made us one of the country's top 6 teams for the final exposition.



As with several other key technologies, Isaac Asimov also predicted autonomous cars way back in 1953. He published a short story, Sally, about an autonomous car of the same name who ends up saving the protagonist's life. The name of our team is an homage to Asimov, who envisioned the first self-driving car.



If you like our work and want to contribute to the project, shoot us a mail @ connect. If you would wish to collaborate, please get in touch @ our partner mail.

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